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May 11, 2013
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Fuujin Attack Helicopter Scene by MeganeRid Fuujin Attack Helicopter Scene by MeganeRid
The Fuujin parked in front of the hangar :)
I tried to recreate the scene from a photo.

Concept : [link]
Other renders : [link] , [link] , [link]

To people who's wondering why there's no tail rotor, it's a NOTAR type helicopter :)

*EDIT* because some people are commenting about it, the cockpit is in opened position. It's fully protected when closed.

Everything 3D modeled and rendered, slight touch ups in photoshop.

Hope you like!

Maya, Vray, Photoshop
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titaniumfortress Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Question, do you think the cockpit design would really work in the real world? Im just asking cause if so... Id hire a company to build something close to this O_O
MeganeRid Feb 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
might work, but not really functional I suppose, conventional bathtub cockpit design is probably preferable. This is more of a scifi fancy-looking design :)
that's what i say is art . .. . bravo . . . Clap 
It... looks... so... REAL!
Seriously love this. Does the canopy have full-surround armor plating?
MeganeRid Jan 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
yeah thick armor underneath :)
cool! has a bit a Ghost in the Shell vibe imho :)
so real you that you fooled the chines and Japanese government! now thats an achievement!
A bit of nitpicking. First, I'm not convinvced about the whole "cockpit cover hinges down" idea. You see, gunships are mostly attacked from the lower hemisphere, so they usually present their heaviest protection from the lower aspect, just as tanks are most heavily armored in front. In fact, most of them are built around a solid armored "bathtub", containing the cockpit and fuel tanks. But your down-hinging cover is nothing but a collection of weakpoints -- you simply cannot make a joint as solid as a monolithic piece of armor. For example, one of the most frequent points of criticism towards Russian tanks is that they have a driver's hatch in the glacis instead of an upper armor, thus significantly weakening it. Another matter is that hinges are basically a single poit of failure. If the chopper takes damage into the hinge, so it sticks locked -- well, tough luck for the pilot, to get him out you must cut through the armor. Otherwise, though, it seems neat, though that big gun looks heavy -- the rotor and transmission are kinda smallish for the MTOW it implies.
This guy is completely right. Hinges are weak spots, and even the bucket itself, being light enough to swing down like that, would have to be a lighter armor to avoid breaking the structure. Plus, like Khathi said, if its damaged, you have to rip apart the ship to get to the pilot. It would be easier to put the hatch in between those two sloped armor plates on the top, then have those swing into place (though they actually might be better off under the cockpit than above). That main, gun, while flipping awesome, would be REALLY heavy, though not totally unreasonable for it to carry. The main problem with the gun is the recoil. In the image with the ammo laid out, it looks to be a 40mm cannon. The recoil of a gun like that would make it almost unfire-able, requiring the pilot to re-aim every shot at best, and knocking the craft out of the sky at worst. That is unless it had an incredibly complex recoil reduction system, which would add weight and complexity. The other problem, who aims? There isn't a copilot seat that I can see, and the pilot would be a bit busy. Try driving a speed boat with all the controls inverted and in Russian. Now, try firing a gun at another boat, moving in another direction, at a different speed, behind you, while it shoots rockets at you. Did I forget to mention, this gun is going to rock the entire ship? It's just not possible for a pilot to operate a helicopter, all the forward guns and missiles, a forward turret, and a multi-directional cannon at the same time. There is a reason basically all attack helicopters have at least two pilots; it's hard to fly AND aim. If if the entire body was a bit wide, the engine could be a bit larger to lift the heavy recoil system of the 40mm cannon, and you could fit two seats side by side, allowing a pilot and a gunner, making combat easier. Khathi also was right about the small looking transmission and vent ports for the MTOW system. With the current size of the tail, there wouldn't be enough room to fit the structure, electrical, hydraulic(?), and vent systems large enough to provide sufficient counter torque thrust. The only problem I can foresee with widening the fuselage is that it would make the craft a slightly larger target, which is why most attack helicopters have the pilot and copilot in-line. Another, smaller flaw I see, what happens if the wing gets shot off? With almost all attack helicopters, and most helicopters in general, they have the landing gear on the fuselage. If it gets shot, they land without it, and it doesn't normally get shot off. With this design, however, if the wing, which is most of the craft's target signature, gets shot off, the craft has no way of landing. It can't land on the round, no structural gun turret, so without it's wings, it has no way of safely landing. Going back to the cockpit design problem as well, what happens if it crashes? The hinges would act as structural weaknesses, and it would collapse, dropping a helicopter on the poor pilot. The top hatch design I pointed out before would allow not only more combat armor, but more emergency structure during a crash by using the more common armored tub approach. It still doesn't explain how it lands in emergencies, however, and I don't really have any ideas about that one. 

Actually, you could make the cockpit section longer (to fit two pilots in-line, like a toboggan, the rear fuselage (specifically the transmission and tail) slightly longer (for balance) and slightly wider, and add folding landing gears between the main hull and the weapons pods. The pods currently housing the wheels could be re-purposed as lateral radar systems, light armor to protect the weapons (don't want people shooting your missiles before you can fire them), stabilizers, or even lateral recoil dampening systems for the 40mm.

I hope you understand I mean no disrespect with this nitpickiness. I LOVE this craft. It is possibly the sexiest, most bad-ass piece of made-up military hardware I have ever seen, which is why I want to help you make it into something we could actually see out there fighting.

One last tiny problem I see: the missile arrangement. That center most missile on either side, the big one, I believe is the type of missile that drops off the craft slightly before firing, allowing it to clear the craft of the black-blast. Having it in the center presents the problem of it hitting the 40mm cannon if the cannon is firing sideways. Half ton explosive aren't something you want colliding with your giant cannon. However, this is a s simple a fix as rearranging your weapons arrangement. I would recommend the hellfire-style missiles be moved to the center, and the box-style rocket pods be fitted nearest to the end, with the missiles in between.

Knowing me, I'll probably thing of more nitpicks eventually, so I'll probably comment again.
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