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November 30, 2005
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Harbinger A.D.U by MeganeRid Harbinger A.D.U by MeganeRid
An Armored Drive Unit codenamed Harbinger, a medweight special assault mech.

this is requested by sorry if it doesn't look like what u really want >_<

so it's made by ZAEON, it can be suited for land, but its main purpose is space. It's equipped with 35-45mm Housbuster semi auto rifle, two LRM drivers on each shoulder :P, counter measures on sides of waist, and missile compartments on side of the legs :P
Other weapons are secondary, like shield, lancer, etc~

made with 2B mechanical pencil on A4 paper with some adjustment in photoshop
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Boutassai Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
Amazing I was wondering if you would permit me to practice colouring a mech with this fabolous drawing of yours i'll be sure to give the proper credit and link everyone to you it's just I would like to get some experince with mech's thanks =D
MeganeRid Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
well you can :) proper credit n all :D
Mirk1 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2005   Traditional Artist
:wow:you never fail to amaze me
Kyo-Lockheat Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2005
wOW it sure is renforced with layers of armor. Jeez the design is soo good it almost feals like its real
Naiyion Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005
I feel like my comment is quite redundant, but I really like the attention to detail with this mech drawing (and other drawings of yours).
Perspective and proportions look good too.
CoolBlueX Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
lol the little dude reminds me of snake ^^;
anyways, the design of the head looks very unique and the detail is awesome as usual ;)
VulnePro Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005  Professional Filmographer
Very, very cool man :) There's a kinda Gundam/Armored Core vibe to it. The details are spectuacular, nice work as always.
Gundamforce Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005
Pretty sweet mech
ZeroStrike Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2005  Student Digital Artist
Hey nice Job! Question want are LRM? On the shoulders. Keep up the Great Mecha! I wish I had a mech. ^_^ fav
MeganeRid Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I took it as Long Range Missile, but I dunno if that's the initial that gyver implies or not :P
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